Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work. ~ Albert Einstein

About Me

Experience: Average

Personal Weakness: Jquery

Personal Rating: 5 Stars

Experience: Slightly Below Average

Personal Weakness: Usability

Personal Rating: 4 Stars

Experience: Above Average

Personal Weakness: Responsivity

Personal Rating: 5 Stars

Experience: Below Average

Personal Weakness: Everything

Personal Rating: 4 Stars

My name is Lee, and I live in the South. I’ve been with Code Wizards since March of 2019. I am on the eighth, and last, middle school course. I was first introduced to coding in the summer of 2018 when I took a week-long coding course. Code Wizards was the first time I took regular classes. My favorite language is Javascript, and I really like working in the front end. CSS styling is also an area of keen interest for me although it can be finicky at times. I also have a small dog. I can be found coding, reading, golfing, building with LEGOs, and walking.

My Work in the Forum

I've been a Helper on the forum now for about six monthes now. While I don't any extra abilities, I do have several things that I've made and actively maintain. The two guides that are used by Regulars and Helpers were written by me. If you have any questions about them, please PM me. I also made a few videos for the Informational Video topic. The newest edition to my list is the Meet the Forum Regulars topic. While Nicholas was the orginal creator, I act as the middleman between his orginal topic and the offical one.

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